Plotter Repair

We specialize in the repair and service of Gerber plotters and routers. Since 1985 

See repair pricing for general price ranges.

  • Gerber 30" Plotters: S/750 with or without Interface Box, GS/750, GS/750 Plus,  HS750, HS750 Plus, Envision 750
  • Gerber 15" Plotters: SignMaker IV (4-B), Sprint, Super Sprint, GS/15, GS/15 Plus, GSx15, GSx15 Plus, HS/15, HS/15 Plus, Envision 375
  • Gerber: Odyssey
  • Gerber Routers: AR-400, AR-600, Sabre 404, Sabre 408, Dimension 200
  • APD, ANAgraph AE 60E, AE 75E, ANAgraph AE 101E, AE 120E, EmbossTrack, Fastrack, Graphtec, Mimaki, Mutoh
  • Monu-Cut

New Legacy Computers

New computers built for Your Plotters That Need A Serial 9 Pin Male Like A  Gerber Plotter That need a 9-Pin Serial Male Commumication PORT
Also Your Gerber Edge Printer That Needs A 25 Pin LPT Female Port

                      WITH OUT ANY ADAPTER'S NEEDED (Like USB to Serial or USB to Parallel 

We offer brand-new Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers with 9-Pin Male Serial Port and 25-Pin Female Printer LPT Port connections for your Plotters That Needs a Serial Port and LPT Port   ALSO WITH THE 25 Pin (FeMale) LPT Port You can use your Older Gerber Graphix Advantage Software

Do you have an older computer running older versions of sign making software, such as Signlab, FlexiSign,  Graphix Advantage or Gerber Omega? We can build a brand new computer that will run the software you currently have, so there's no need to pay, sometimes thousands of dollars, for new versions just because your computer may have died or is not running correctly. In a lot of cases, we can repair your older computer too - even computers running DOS or Windows 3.1


 Call for prices! (Most of the Time $980.00 for Tower you will need to get your Monitor,Mouse and Keyboard)





Monument Cutting Plotters


 gs15-plus Gerber GS15 Plus 15" Plotter GS15 plus  $3,800.00
 gs750 Gerber GS750 Plus 30" Plotter GS750  $5,900.00
 hs750plus 001

Gerber HS750  30" high-speed Plotter

3 times faster than GS750 Plus!

 combo Portable 15" Monument Plotter system, w/ computer and software
Monucut 15

Flatbed 30"x60" monument plotter, auto-feed


UFC Flatbed

call for price


Plotter Parts and Accessories

 drum 30inch  Gerber 30" Drum replacement  Replacement drum for GS750 and HS750 plotters $1295.00 (exchanged)
 drum 15inch  Gerber 15" Drum replacement  Replacement drum for GS15 and HS15 plotters

 $315.00 (exchanged)

 belt002 thumb  Gerber Timing Belt (all models)  Theta belt for Gerber GS750, GS15, HS750, HS15, S750, Sprint, Super Sprint, Signmaker IVb,   $74.00
 HS 15 gear  Gerber X-axis drum gear  Gerber drum gear for HS15, HS15 plus & Super Sprint  $190.00
 Gerber Hs15 y gear  Gerber Y-axis gear Gerber Y-axis gear for HS15, HS15 Plus & Super Sprint  $190.00

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