Plotter Repair

The Plotter Doctor specializes in the repair and service of Gerber plotters and routers. Repair and service of Gerber vinyl cutters, rubber stencil monument cutters and CNC routers. Normal repair time is within 48 hours.

We offer trades-ins on repairs and new or used plotter equipment. Please call, or contact us and we can help you determine what is best for your situation.

See repair pricing for general price ranges.

  • Gerber III  , Gerber IV,  Gerber IVb, Sprint II, Sprint III, Gerber Arty, Gerber S/750

  • Gerber HS/15, Gerber HS/15 PLUS, Gerber HS/750, Gerber HS/750 Plus, Gerber GS/750,  GS/750 Plus, Gerber GSX/15, Envision 375, Envision 750
  • ANAgraph AE 60E, AE 75E, ANAgraph AE 101E, AE 120E, Graphtec, Summa, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland

We can provide replacement and exchange parts for repairs that you can do yourself, including:
Power supplies, motherboards, gears, drive belts, drums, pinch wheels, blade holders, computer components, and more.

Computer Services

We provide computer repair and service, as well as custom built Windows compters with cutting and printing software. Computers dating all the way back to Windows 3.1 and up to Windows 10 are our specialty. We can service your old computer and software, or provide a rebuilt or new system compatible with your original software and equipment.  

Monument Software

Design and Cutting software for printing, vinyl and rubber cutting plotters. We offer both current and older design/cut software versions capable of runing on ANY Windows based PC, both current and past editions. From Windows 3.1 up to Windows 10.

Gerber Omega and Graphix Advantage
WinPCSign Pro, Basic and WinPC Monument
AnaGraph/ AnaExpress


    Gerber HS/750 Plus 30" Plotter

    The Gerber HS/750 Plus is three times faster than the GS/750 Plus. Completely rebuilt and serviced, featuring our remanufactured 30" drum, which will not melt or break apart.

    $6800.00 plus shipping.

    One year warranty.

    hs750plus 001


    USB to Serial Cable

    USB to serial adapter cable for Gerber plotters.

    Gerber USB to serial cable

    Purchase Online

    The Plotter Doctor's Gerber USB to Serial cable.
    USB to RS232 serial conversion cable allows you to connect your Gerber plotter to a USB port. Works with any plotter.

    Compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 and 10
    32 and 64 bit compatible.


    Gerber Replacement Drums

    Guaranteed for 3 years.
    Remanufactured replacement drums for Gerber Plotters and Vinyl cutters.
    We guarantee that our drums will cut as good or better than a new drum. The surface will not break down.

    We offer our drums as an exchange for your existing drum core. The prices are exchange prices. We can assist with your purchase over the phone, or you can purchase online.

    30" Drum for Gerber 30 inch plotters


    Gerber GS/750 and GS/750 Plus
    Gerber HS/750 and HS/750 Plus
    Gerber S/750

    Gerber 30" drum

    15" Drum drum for Gerber 15 inch sprocketed plotters


    Gerber GS/15 and GS/15 Plus
    Gerber GSX
    Gerber HS/15 and HS/15 Plus
    Gerber Spint and Super Sprint
    Gerber IV series (4b, 4a, 4e, etc)

    Gerber 15" drum



    15" Portable Plotter

    Portable monument cutter designed for cutting last dates (death dates) out in the field. Compatible with Gerber Omega, FlexiSign, Monu-Cad, WinPcSign, and other design and cutting software.

    Works with 12 volts DC or 110V ac. Plug into cigarette lighter or connect to vehicle battery for working on site, out in the field. The unit can also power a laptop computer using one of the two 110 volt outlets.

    Holds up to 17 inch material with a maximum cutting width of 13.5 inches. Designed for cutting rubber sandblast stencil and vinyl materials.

    Includes Cigarette adapter, AC power cord, and communication cable.

    side2 12volt-adapter front combo

    Compatible design software:

    Gerber Omega, Gerber Composer, Graphix Advantage, Monu-Cad, SignLab, FlexiSign, WinPCSign Pro, CadLink and more.

    • Designed for cutting rubber sandblast stencil
    • Plug into cigarette lighter, car battery or 110v AC
    • Cut for last dates in the field
    • Save on stencil....use letftovers. Holds 15" material down to as small as 4" peices.
    • High quality, accurate cutting. Saves time when weeding.

    Made in the USA.



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